Alicia Ziegner


"Alicia has become a major part of my pain management routine. In '08 I was struck by an SUV driver while riding my bicycle and I had two major spinal surgeries since then. Alicia has played a huge roll in my recovery and management of pain, she is always interested in adding to my current pain plan, and working with what my Pain Doc and Chiropractor are doing, not against. Her skilled hands always seem to find the worst spots and I always leave feeling immensely better than when I arrived. Not only is she a great masseuse but she has also introduced me to alternative pain management options, like essential oils, that have allowed me to reduce my usage of powerful pain medications greatly. Overall Alicia is a joy to be around, a fantastic masseuse, and just a wonderful healing presence to be around." - Miriam Keaton,Tai' Chi Practitioner
 “Hypothyroidism has crippled me for 10 years and I frequently experienced severe headaches from an injury to my head. I became psychologically and physically depressed. After receiving 6 weekly sessions of the Raindrop and Acupressure point therapy, my senses awakened and my severe headaches have subsided. I consistently take my thyroid medication and I am able to laugh now. It feels good to be alive once again". – Hilda Corbella, Childcare  & Educator Provider
"Dear Friends--I'm writing you today to give a very high recommendation to Alicia Ziegner at AZ-Massage. I went in a couple of years ago with a very stiff and sore body, especially my neck, shoulders and lower back. Thanks to Alicia, I am much more flexible and my back and neck are in a whole lot less pain. She not only does very deep body work to get at the root of the pain but also gives a lot of helpful advice to keep the stiffness from returning. She's Great!! "- Jon Emery, Musician & Song Writer

“When I first began deep therapeutic massage, I had many physical “limitations” as a result of poorly healed injuries from a car accident 15 years ago. My hips and shoulder were in constant, low-grade pain. I knew there was a lot of work to be done, and I wanted someone who would respect my boundaries. Alicia was the perfect choice!
In the beginning, I asked her to focus on my shoulders, as I could not lift my arms straight over my head. Her work includes the full body, with focus on your areas of need. She gently goes as deep as your body will allow without causing pain. Each time, we find my body allows deeper work with minimum pain. This type of deep work is a process. The work from each session builds on the other. After a few sessions with my shoulders, I began to notice how uncomfortable my hips seemed to be all the time, so she began to also working on my hips.  There is a lot of soft-tissue work to be done in my hips, but I can already tell a difference in flexibility.  This may sound a bit strange, but just starting the body work I needed to do with massage has also opened up many other areas of my life as well.  I highly recommend Alicia!" - Twyla Pollard,  Hill Country Chiropractic, Office Administrator
“I have monthly massage sessions with Alicia. She really takes time to understand what my physical and emotional issues are before I get on the table. The massage is incredible, deep and very effective. I've had some rotator cuff issues for quite some time and it is definitely improving with massage therapy from Alicia. I highly recommend Alicia for anyone wanting a truly deep and effective experience.” - Billie Woods, Musician and Certified Sound Practitioner